The Best Halloween Decoration That Everyone Will Admire 

But… amongst all decorations, what stands out the most? Flowers!

So, how do you craft an eye-catching centrepiece for Halloween? 

Let's use logic here… If pumpkins capture the essence of Halloween and flowers are the most amazing decoration,

Then the secret lies in merging two:

- hearty pumpkins with their rustic charm 

- and elegant blooms in dazzling colours. 

The result? A striking fusion that serves as a magnificent Halloween decor for any event. 

The ultimate decoration everyone will admire: a pumpkin brimming with flowers!

First off, you could be asking…

Do People Actually Use Pumpkin Flower Decorations For Halloween?

Halloween's popularity is undeniable. 

It's one of the nation's primary cultural and commercial celebrations. 

And by the end of October, pumpkins are... pretty much everywhere.

While pumpkin carving is a cherished tradition in many households

There's a burgeoning global trend: enhancing pumpkins with flowers.

If you’re thinking about jumping on this trend, then good news. 

As pumpkin flower arrangements are becoming popular in households, they are also very popular in hotels, restaurants, hair salons and other places like these. 

Some examples of pumpkin flower arrangements that you might see around…

A succulent pumpkin mantelpiece flower arrangement by Kimberleys The Florist

      A succulent pumpkin mantelpiece flower arrangement by Kimberleys The Florist

A succulent pumpkin table flower arrangement by Kimberleys The Florist

       Another succulent pumpkin table flower arrangement by Kimberleys The Florist

And another succulent pumpkin display flower arrangement by Kimberleys The Florist

So here’s some pumpkin flower arrangements by Kimberley's The Florist, (based near Clevedon UK), these were done arrangements for the Royal Marriott Hotel in Bristol.

Want to know where Kimberleys deliver to? Click here.

Now for the ones who want to do it themselves, you might be asking…

How can I make a flower arrangement in a pumpkin at home?

1. Choose the Pumpkin (I know - nice and obvious):

You want a gorgeous pumpkin that’s flat on the bottom so it sits steadily on a surface. 

It can be large or small, depending on your arrangement.

You could consider other types of gourds or squash for a unique twist.

2. Next… prep the Pumpkin:

Cut a circle around the stem to create a lid. 

The size of the opening should be large enough to work comfortably while arranging the flowers.

Use a large spoon to remove all the seeds and stringy pulp from inside the pumpkin. 

This can be a very satisfying job, as you well know. 

3. Protect the Interior (optional but recommended):

To prolong the life of your pumpkin vase, consider lining the interior with a plastic bag or placing a small container inside.

This will prevent the pumpkin from getting soggy too quickly.

4. Prepare Floral Foam:

Soak a piece of floral foam (oasis) in water until it's fully saturated. 

Floral foam retains water and helps keep flowers fresh.

Cut the foam to fit inside the pumpkin, ensuring it's slightly above the pumpkin's opening for easier flower placement.

5. Start Arranging Flowers:

Begin with larger blooms or foliage to set the base of your arrangement.

Then, you can fill in medium-sized flowers, making sure you distribute them.

Use smaller blooms or add leaves to fill in gaps and add texture. (Remember to think about the height and width of the arrangement. An asymmetrical design can be very appealing).

You could use blooms like chrysanthemums, dahlias or marigolds along with greenery inside for that wow factor.

Chrysanthemums                Dahlias                                   Marigolds 

If you still are unsure on what fresh fall flowers to use, check out our website or click here to read the perfect flowers for each season

6. Maintenance (boring but key):

Keep the floral foam moist by adding water as needed.

And remove wilted flowers to keep the arrangement looking nice and fresh.

Click here to learn more about making your floral arrangements last 3-4 days extra.

7. Optional Additions (for those with extra time):

Enhance the base of your arrangement by placing it on a decorative plate or tray.

And for the night time, add LED fairy lights or tea candles around the pumpkin floral arrangement.

And there you go, a nice and easy DIY gorgeous pumpkin flower :)

For those interested in a mess-free version…

How do you make a fake/faux pumpkin flower arrangement?

This is nice and simple.. (No pumpkin seeds! No mess!). 

Get yourself an artificial hollowed-out pumpkin from any craft store or online 

Fill it with floral foam to hold the stems.

Arrange your chosen flowers and filler flowers, then you're done! - a long-lasting fall centerpiece of faux pumpkins and beautiful fall flowers.

How long does a pumpkin flower arrangement last?

A rustic pumpkin with the elegance of flowers = a high class Halloween decoration.

How long does a pumpkin flower arrangement last?

A fresh-pumpkin flower display lasts about one week.


Creating a DIY pumpkin flower arrangement for Halloween can make it a special time. 

They are the best Halloween decoration, if you want a spooky, stylish look. 

Pumpkin carving and floral arrangement - two seemingly distinct skills, 

can come together beautifully in this project. This fusion adds a touch of sophistication to your fall decor or thanksgiving table.

And remember, if you’re stuck, Kimberley's The Florist is there if you need fresh blooms delivered straight to your doorsteps! Just give us a call 01934 263057 or visit our website    

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