A Bespoke Winter Bouquet by Kimberleys the Florist

Hello dear readers,

Winter weddings are truly magical, aren't they?

The chilly air, the warmth of love, and everything else that makes winter weddings a fairy tale come true.

Just recently, we had the privilege of creating a bespoke bouquet for a wonderful bride who was tying the knot in the winter.

And we must say, we had a fabulous time bringing her vision to life.

Picture this: The bride walking down the aisle, cradling a bouquet that feels like it's been plucked right from a wintry garden.

What made her bouquet stand out? Let’s dive in:

  • The white spray roses took the centre stage, their pure and gentle hue capturing the serene beauty of winter.

  • Nestled within the bouquet were the viburnum berries, adding a touch of winter wonder. Reminded us of those perfect snowball fights!

  • The bouquet had a free-style posy appearance. With foliage trailing out, it felt like it was freshly gathered on a frosty morning.

  • There was a generous sprinkle of white snowberries within, resembling adorable little snowdrops.

  • White stocks lent their fragrant and lush presence, while white phlox and anemone gave it a soft, delicate vibe.

  • The bouquet had a delightful surprise - powder blue delphinium. A splash of colour, wonderfully contrasting the dominantly white ensemble.

  • With cream astilbe and white snowberry, the bouquet exuded a frothy, snowy aura. The eryngium and white alstro gracefully introduced a touch of wild elegance.

  • Greens like thlaspi, asparagus fern, and trailing ivy freshened things up, while green skimmia and viburnum davidii popped with vibrancy.

  • To wrap it all up, there was the seeded eucalyptus, lending a wintery, aromatic finish to the bouquet.

We're super thrilled that the bride loved her bouquet. Creating something special and personal for someone's big day is what keeps us passionate.

Here is the video of us creating it:

So, to all the brides-to-be who are reading this: if you have a vision or even if you're looking for inspiration, let’s chat. We'd love to craft something as unique as your love story.

Stay warm and keep spreading the love, Kimberleys the Florist