Supporting Local Independant Florists - A Beacon of our Communities

As our digital age continues to progress and globalise, local artisans like florists can seem overshadowed by large corporate brands. Yet, nestled within our communities in North Somerset, locations such as Clevedon, Yatton, Congresbury, Nailsea, Portishead, Long Ashton, Weston super mare, Langford, The Chew Valley Backwell, Bristol Airport, Flax Bourton, Tickenham and The Gordano Valley still believe in the rich presence and timeless elegance of local independent florists like Kimberley's.

Individual consumers, office professionals, entrepreneurs, wedding planners, expatriates throughout the world trust Kimberley's, valuing personal relationships and superior service we provide. By supporting a local independent florist like us, you're not only investing in high quality, unique floral designs but also aiding in fostering local economies and their communities.


The Blossoming of Independent Florists

In contrast to mass-produced bouquets from large chain florists, independent florists dazzle with the charm and artistry of unique designs, each bespoke creation being a testament to their passion and finesse at floristry. At Kimberley's, we bring an unmatched level of care, creativity, and connection.

Our arrangements are thoughtfully designed, considering colour theory, the language of flowers, and individual preferences, a service which chain florists often overlook. Each petal, each leaf, is a stroke in our floral artistry, held together by our unwavering commitment to satisfying your gifting needs.



Economic Blooms

Supporting a local, independent florist is more than a simple transaction — it’s an investment into your community. We source locally grown flowers whenever possible and employ artisans from our community. When you choose Kimberley's, your support trickles down, helping local growers and workers. It’s a delightful cycle — a local business supports a local workforce, and a local clientele supports the business, a cycle that cultivates a stronger, vibrant community.


From Digital Deserts to Flourishing Fields

While the emergence of e-commerce and digital marketing have posed challenges for local businesses, it’s also offering exciting opportunities. For Kimberley's, that means offering our clients the convenience of online shopping, a simple ordering process, secure payment methods, and guaranteed delivery.

This is a recent Google 5* review  "A super efficient and personal service. Using the online option you hope for the former, so to get that AND the personal touch is great. Will use them again" - Mr Ogilvie



Our online platform allows us to serve both local customers and those scattered across the world. Someone in Langford can easily send an arrangement to a loved one in The Gordano Valley. Regular shoppers and occasional buyers, corporate clients, and expatriates can now browse, select, review, and track their orders with ease.


Ensuring Quality and Dependability

One of the primary challenges our customers face is ensuring on-time delivery of high-quality flowers. Kimberley's is proud to prioritise both quality and reputation, putting our long-standing expertise to ensure prompt delivery each time.

We understand that flowers aren't just gifts. They are emotions. Whether it's an expression of love, sympathy, congratulations, or just a 'thinking of you' gesture, we handle each order with the utmost care it deserves.



Supporting an independent florist is a powerful action. It affirms that you value quality over quantity, personal service over impersonal commerce, creativity over factory-like production. It demonstrates your commitment to local economies and community well-being.

In return, Kimberley's sticks to its commitment to excellent service, punctuality, and consistency. And with a passionate team that treats every customer like family, you are sure to receive a floral experience that exceeds expectations.

So, the next time you think flowers, remember to type 'Independent florist near me.'  And for our friends in North Somerset, you know it's Kimberley's, your trusted local florist. Support local, support creativity, support quality. Together, let's keep our local independent florists blooming beautifully.


Supporting Local Independant Florists - A Beacon of our Communities