Flowers can Help with Exam Stress

I regularly read about harnessing the power of flowers to improve your lifestyle.

There is plenty of research available showing that flowers can provide us with a simple way to improve our emotional health, that the presence of flowers gives you a greater feeling of satisfaction with your life and that they can trigger positive emotions. 

Many students are experiencing stress and anxiety at this time of year as exams loom large in their lives. Flowers strategically placed around the study area can help bring an air of calmness. In turn, this can lead to an easing of exam pressure and help achieve learning goals. 

Of course, flowers can carry an encouraging message such as ‘Keep up the good work’, ‘We know you can do it’ or simply ‘Good luck’. Once they are out of the way, the message can be ‘Well done’, ‘We’re so proud of you’ or ‘Roll on the results – now relax!’

So if you know someone struggling with SATs, groaning at GCSEs or upset at Uni, why not give them the gift of flowers. 

Give us a call on 01934 253554 and we will help you choose something especially suitable. You will be guaranteed top marks for your efforts!

Flowers can Help with Exam Stress