April Birth Flowers

I am sure you know that each month has a at least one dedicated flower which many people use to celebrate birthdays which fall within the month.

By the time April comes around, spring is usually well underway and there are plenty of new blooms to be enjoyed. The birth flowers for April are the daisy and sweet pea. 

The Daisy

Daisies are believed to be signifiers of innocence, loyal love and purity. It is also believed that if daisies are given between friends it means that the giver will never disclose the secret of the recipient. “I’ll never tell” is the message conveyed. 
Despite being officially recognised as having been discovered in South Africa by Richard Jameson, they may have also featured stone carvings dating back to 3000 BC. The daisy was Queen Victoria’s favourite flower. 

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are also recognised as April birth flowers. They have a double edged message as they can stand for blissful pleasure but also as a way of saying goodbye.
The sweet pea comes in a variety of attractive pastel colours. They can also bloom in an attractive two-tone. 
Incidentally, flies hate the fragrance of sweet peas and will actively avoid the flower. 

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April Birth Flowers