Curing Blue Monday

You may well know that the third Monday of every January is recognised as Blue Monday. 

It is when everything is supposed to get on top of you; a combination of that back-to-work syndrome, dreadful cold and wet weather, ‘Dry January’ turning ‘Wet’ again as New Year resolutions fall by the wayside and the realisation of how much you actually spent at Christmas as the credit card bills kick in.

So everyone is entitled to feel depressed and down, beaten and blue. And of course for some people every Monday is a Blue Monday. 

Not in my house, though. I defy depression and denounce dullness! The answer is, of course, more flowers!

Flowers make people happy – everybody knows that. So don’t let Blue Monday get you, your work colleagues, friends and family down. Get in touch and order one of our specialist bouquets or just a simple single stem.

Call me on 01934 253554 and let’s banish Blue Monday with the power of flowers.

Curing Blue Monday