Christmas wreath making class

Published on: Dec 12

Kimberley's wreath making class was a great success with all of the students going away very pleased with their evenings work

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Flowers can Help with Exam Stress

Published on: Apr 17

I regularly read about harnessing the power of flowers to improve your lifestyle.

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April Birth Flowers

Published on: Mar 25

I am sure you know that each month has a at least one dedicated flower which many people use to celebrate birthdays which fall within the month.

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Our Wedding Flowers Grace the Grange at Hyde House

Published on: Feb 12

I was delighted to have the opportunity recently to provide the flowers for a wedding at the wonderful Grange at Hyde House.

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Curing Blue Monday

Published on: Jan 03

You may well know that the third Monday of every January is recognised as Blue Monday.

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